Privacy Policy

The is an informational site that believes in the importance of protecting any personally identifying information, e.g., full name and email address, that you freely provide to us. Working in the online world, we understand how you can never secure virtual data 100% in a database. Despite that, we still make use of commercially acceptable means as we strive to keep your data safe from hackers and scammers.


It is common for our website to send cookies from time to time, as well as utilize tracking and analytical tools to monitor the traffic on the site. Some of the activities we check include the data and time of your visits, the blog posts that you often look at, and the duration of your stay on our website. By being here despite knowing that, we take it that you allow us to keep track of your online activities and send small files to your browser.


External links are present on our site as well. They originate from third-party sources, which we have linked to some blog posts to give you additional information on various topics. However,  you ought to understand that clicking a link will prompt the server to direct you to the third party’s website, which we have zero control over. To prevent finding practices or policies that might seem disturbing to you, you need to check their Privacy Policy first.


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