Why You Should Take Family Trips To The Local Winery

Ever since I got married, my husband and I thought that we would visit every tourist destination in the world before expanding our little family. However, a surprise blessing came to us a year after the wedding in the form of twin babies.

We loved the new additions in the family more than anything, but it also means that we needed to make room for the babies in our travel plans. Hence, we canceled a lot of hiking and skiing trips booked for the next couple of years. And because our kids were still so young, we decided not to go out of the country until they moved past pre-school. This way, their immune system would already be strong enough to fight off diseases.

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The first two years were very easy. We only went to a nature conservation park in Los Angeles and at the Washington monument in DC consecutively, and they enjoyed it. When the twins turned three years old, they loved Disney characters so much that we flew to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This year, though, I felt like we visited too many theme parks, and my family needed a change of scenery.

I asked my friends for some suggestions, and one of them blurted out, “Winery.” I knew that it was a joke, considering the children could never enjoy wine even if they wanted to, but I was open to the idea. The next day, I called Brew Masters and asked if they could allow young children in the property, and they graciously said yes. They also gave me a few pointers as to why visiting a local winery is suitable for families.

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Drink Without Feeling Like Getting Drunk

The first advantage of going to a nearby winery is that you don’t usually feel like getting drunk. That is especially true when your children are around, and you know many of the customers or workers there. You don’t want them to perceive that you are a drunkard, so it is easy to step away from bottles of wine and stick to a couple of beers.

When I brought my family to the local winery, I did not drink much because everything seemed so interesting. We saw massive barrels filled with wine and watched the packaging process, which was done manually. If I was honest, if the little ones did not want to move along and eat, I could have stayed there all day.

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Let Kids Play With Others

The winery that my family and I went to was a part of a large vineyard. Rows after rows of vines could be seen from a distance; it was slightly uphill, too, so it was incredibly beautiful. Then, the owners cleared at least 400 square feet of land between the restaurant and winery to put up a jungle gym. That’s how they enticed the young kids to stay in the property.

To parents like us, this setup is highly beneficial. During our visit, my children befriended at least ten kids. Some were older children in the neighborhood; others came from various cities. This experience allowed them to open up to others and learn how to socialize. And since the jungle gym was next to the restaurant, we could watch them play even if we remained inside.

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Bond With Loved Ones

After our first trip to the local winery, I could not help but rave about it to my siblings at our weekly Sunday dinner. It has been our family tradition to gather at my parents’ house and cook there, but even my folks have been feeling tired of it lately. Mom said, “I am so bored at home. Can we go somewhere else?”

A week after that, I invited everyone to Brew Masters. My sisters with kids were a bit skeptical about it, but they calmed down when they saw how child-friendly the place was. In reality, you would see more drunk people at the park instead of the winery. It helped us reconnect in another location and enjoy food without needing to cook them for once.

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Final Thoughts

Whenever I tell people that my entire family goes to a local winery almost every month, they often raise an eyebrow at me and probably question my parenting skills inwardly. I’ll say it once more — it is not too common for kids to be in such places unless you own it.

Despite that, the family trips to the winery have been great for us to experience a combination of wine and wellness. The twins understood what friendship meant and became closer than ever; my spouse and I also befriended other couples/parents in town. Every time we came home from the winery, we would always huddle in the living room and talk about the new things that we found there or within ourselves.

For that reason alone, I think winery visits will become a new family tradition.

Sensible Items To Promote Your Wine With

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Wine has always been revered as a sophisticated kind of beverage. During intimate celebrations, conferences, and weddings, the hosts serve wine. When people attend a birthday party and want to impress the celebrate, they pick a bottle and wrap it nicely.

Despite the popularity that wines have, though, it is no secret that there are probably hundreds of manufacturers by now. Some mass produce their bottles in factories; others make theirs the artisanal way. More and more individuals are realizing the profitability of growing grapes and making an alcoholic beverage out of the fruit. Grapes do not even have to be the main ingredient, considering you can produce wine with rice, strawberries, etc.

Such ideas lead to the reality that some wine products shine while others barely get noticed. The brands that a lot of people talk about, after all, have a bigger following than the ones that have either just launched or never had a chance to take the spotlight. Still, it does not mean that the lesser-known brands have no goods that are worthy of consumers’ attention. It merely entails that their marketing strategy needs a little oomph to take sales to the next level.

Now, one textbook technique that never fails to work is using promotional products. These are objects with either your logo, brand name, or tagline on it. You must pack them with regular goods so that the shoppers will see them well. Thus, these people will think that you are giving them more than what they should pay for as you gain profits and brand loyalty.

Considering you want to add freebies in the mix now, here are a few sensible items to promote your wine with.

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Eco Bag

The first object that you can give away is an eco bag. Though canvas fabric may look flimsy, it is marketing-friendly. You can print or stamp your logo on either side, stitch your brand name on the straps, or even add wine-related statements on it. Not to mention, the bag can hold a few bottles; that’s why consumers can lug them around safely.

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Flute Glasses

Using flute glasses as promotional products is a sophisticated approach. It has been done before, yes, but the item is not as commonly used as mugs or pins. You won’t have to market the bundle too hard since consumers are easily attracted to things that they don’t see every day. And when you etch your name or logo on the glass, it can boost brand recall for as long as they drink in it.

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Corkscrew Opener

New winemakers utilize a screwcap to seal their products nowadays, but not every manufacturer is ready for such an innovation. Many individuals opt for the good old cork to keep their precious wine from spilling. Because of that, it is best to promote your wine with a corkscrew opener that consumers will either want to use stat or put in display forever.

Final Thoughts

Are you having a tough time promoting your wine?

You should know that printing out flyers seldom works anymore. Being present online is impressive, but having a lot of subscribers does not always translate to sales. You need to add a little surprise from time to time to make consumers feel special in your eyes.

Good luck!

Improve The Visibility Of Your Wine Brand

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Have you ever thought of what makes the most well-known wine companies successful in their craft? They have a wide range of clients supporting them. Many people in the industry have high regard for the products they create and the services they offer. The real driving force behind their achievements is their employees who tirelessly work every day to meet their consumers’ needs. They exhibit mutual respect and understanding for one another. They know their roles in the company and make sure that their efforts exceed the administrators’ expectations.

The unity in a corporation starts with what the employees wear. You want to uplift the stature of the company, not tarnish it. If you are working in a tattoo shop, you can put on clothes that will reveal your inks better since that can promote the products of the place you are working at. If you are a waitress or a busboy in a fine-dining restaurant, your apparel has to be pristine and presentable so that the potential customers will immediately see that your establishment follows sanitary regulations. If your job is in the office or on-site, you have to abide by the dress code in such locations.

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The Deal With Uniforms

Know that every company provides different sets of work uniforms. Some are white, while others are red. Some are fine with plain shirts and pants, but others are strict with three-piece suits. The type of clothes that an employee wears has to be in line with the brand’s core values. 

In case the wine company wants to radiate sophistication, then the people who work there should don tailored outfits and shiny black shoes. If they’re going to become known among their clients as a laid-back brand, they can go easy on the suits and arrange for semi-formal and casual uniforms. 

On top of everything, people should remember that the employees’ clothes play a huge role in the success of a business. Apart from the functionality of your merchandise, the consumers will come to you when the individuals who manage your sales have a huge smile plastered on their faces, or when they have a friendly and welcoming appearance. Their uniforms should fit them well. Anything too tight or too loose is not right because either way will dampen your company’s appeal to the masses. The fabric hues you choose should also supplement the brand colors. If not, your possible clients will be confused and may think that they are from an enterprise that is not even remotely related to you.

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Strengthen Your Marketing Strategy 

The success of your company can be had when you enforce smart marketing strategies that, in general, can increase the consumers’ awareness towards your brand. Formal or not, you can embellish your staff’s uniforms with the company logo. This way, when they go out of the office for a short walk or to endorse some products, the people that they will meet in the store or on the streets will see it.

Good luck with your brand!

Reduce Your Anxiety Over Becoming A Senior Citizen By Joining The Gold Medal Wine Club – A Review

An expert from BetterHelp once noted that old age tends to rake in anxiety-ridden thoughts among everyone. Questions like “What can I do with my life after retirement?” or “How can I have fun without being too old to do this and that?” start to trickle in the adults’ minds as their age nears 60. After all, that is when everything seems to slow down, to the point that you may find yourself unable to keep up with the younger crowd.

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Nevertheless, even though you become a senior citizen officially, you should realize that fun times do not merely come when you get to try new sports or go clubbing. If you love wine, in particular, you may join a club that is especially for seasoned individuals like you. One group that’s worth taking note of for the oldies who live close to Goleta, California is the Gold Medal Wine Club.

Gold Medal Wine Club Review

Gold Medal Wine Club should be on your top list of organizations to pass into before you reach 50 or 60. The owners are very principled, and they like to do things right. The five senses are okay, but they are not enough. They like having extra sets of ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and skin to help them provide high-quality wines to the people. If you are always unsure of the wine clubs presented ahead of you, this group can set things straight and in motion for you. They will help ease that wine-related anxiety.

Gold Medal Wine Club

This club has a more meticulous way of choosing the wines that their members will procure. If the other clubs such as Wine Awesomeness have taste testers, Gold Medal Wine Club bases their choices on the excellent scores of each product in various competitions and publications. In place of making subjective beverage decisions, they prefer to harmonize with what the experts have said about the items. Because of the advanced options, more consumers are encouraged to sign for one of the wine club series that they have.

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  • Six wine club categories
  • Varied price ranges
  • First-class wines
  • Wine ratings
  • Rewards program


Discounts Galore

An affiliate of Gold Medal Wine Club or not, you will profoundly love the club’s wines which are sold at discounted prices. Most or all of the products in the Wine Store are low-cost in comparison with the ones in regular retail shops. You can get as high as a 40% discount on your wine – can you imagine that? It is one of the gifts of the group to their followers.

Listens To The Professionals

It is necessary for the company/club owner(s) to believe in every item they send to the people who also believe in them. When they accept visitors in their own home, they will not be serving a wine that is promoted by others. They should not make concrete arrangements with only their personal preferences as their basis. It is not atrocious to heed the words of diverse professionals, specifically if this is for the consumers’ gain. Thus, Gold Medal Wine Club is worthy of praise for being levelheaded and making judgments after listening to the experts.

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Credible Grading System

The organization’s manner of rating is following the way that teachers’ usually grade the students’ outputs. The expensive wines get a B, while the unique and excellent ones receive an A. Then, the wine clubs become rated as Gold, International, Platinum, Pinot Noir, and Diamond due to it. The credible grading system grants the customers unbiased and direct ideas about which ones are great, greater and greatest.

Broad Selection

Another agreeable fact about the Gold Medal Wine Club is that they have a wide selection of wines. You cannot genuinely have the artisan, rare, collectible, five-star, and imported alcoholic drinks which your local wine shop may not have. However, since the club is connected to a lot of winemakers here and abroad, the consumers should take pleasure in this.


The shipping and handling fees have to be carried by the customers or members. They vary for every wine collection, so you need to do double or triple takes before you commit on a specific series.

In Conclusion

You can enjoy your retirement better than anyone when you manage to sip on a glass of artisan wine that is not readily available in stores near you. Join the Gold Medal Wine Club or a similar group today! Have fun and be happy.

A Beginner’s Guide To Drinking Wine

Drinking wine is one of the things that many people enjoy doing in different countries around the world. This activity is associated with feelings of happiness and joy. At the same time, it is also one of the things that couples enjoy as they spend time with each other.

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