Chewbacca when he was a little baby alpaca. (Now he's a proud papa!)

Chewbacca when he was a little baby alpaca. (Now he’s a proud papa!)

Caprice Vineyards is also home to Rolling Hills Alpacas. We are breeders of fine alpacas, the finest livestock in the world. We started our alpaca enterprise in 2001 and now have a small herd of beautiful animals that we love and enjoy.

While wine tasting, you may visit with the Alpacas!  Also check out the boutique filled with alpaca products.

We have gained a wealth of experience in a short time, and have studied the business from every angle. With our backgrounds in Medicine and Nursing, we came to this industry prepared to deal with many issues of animal care. We can help you with your plans to start in the Alpaca Business.

“Are Alpacas Right For Me”?

We can help you explore the possibilities. Call Jeanne or Jim Davidian at Caprice Vineyards and Alpaca Farm:

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Classes are offered regularly in

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