Everything You Need To Know About Wine Therapy

Wine plays an important role in religious, cultural, and social events all over the world. For some, it is a symbol of status and luxury. For others, wine is for relaxing after a long day. Whatever meaning you associate with wine, this particular drink can surely bring positive feelings.

Did you know that drinking wine can be beneficial for your body? Researchers have extensively studied wine for its health benefits. And by health benefits, we mean for your physical and mental well-being. Studies suggest that wine is beneficial for you, both physically and mentally. 

If you’re curious how wine can do all these, read on everything you need to know about wine therapy.

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Drinking Wine For Physical And Mental Wellness

Wine is made from fermenting crushed grapes. This particular fruit is rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent chronic illnesses. Antioxidants work by fighting off free radicals that bring damage to our cells and organs. In addition, wine can help lower blood cholesterol, and thus, keep your heart healthy. It can also assist in lowering your blood sugar and reducing the risk of cancer. To top it all off, wine can even prevent obesity due to its ability to support weight loss.

Research also shows that wine contains nutrients that can address some ailments. Drinking wine can even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, wine can help keep your memory sharp and your brain healthy. 

It has also been found that people who drink wine are less likely to be depressed than people who don’t. Depression is a serious disorder that can affect your life. It can change the way you think and go about your daily activities. Wine helps fight depression with Resveratrol, a compound found in grapes. 

Overall, wine can help boost your body’s defenses. With its myriad physical and mental benefits, drinking wine can be a therapy of its own. However, keep in mind that you should still keep track of your alcohol consumption.

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How Much Wine You Can Drink

Challenges in life can sometimes lead a person to drink. Some people may turn to alcohol to avoid problems, such as bullying, financial troubles, relationship issues, and more. In the LGBTQ+ community, alcoholism is a serious problem. 

People may think that drowning their sorrows in alcohol can help dull the pain. However, high alcohol dependency does more harm than good. As beneficial as wine is, excessive consumption is still harmful. 

Too much alcohol in your body can lead to alcohol poisoning. Without immediate medical attention, it can lead to pressing medical conditions. Excessive drinking can also weaken your immune system. You may develop ailments, such as 

  • high blood pressure, 
  • cancer, 
  • heart disease, and 
  • liver problems. 

It can also lead to behavioral problems, such as 

  • violence, 
  • slurred speech, 
  • poor memory, and 
  • unstable moods.

To reap the health benefits of wine, you should enjoy it as a recreational activity. If you wish to incorporate wine into your daily routine, a glass or two is the best amount for drinking consumption. 

As you can see, there are good and bad consequences. As long as you keep your consumption to a healthy amount, there’s nothing to worry about. So, take note of how many glasses you drink!

Now, let’s talk about the external benefits of wine—specifically, the benefits of wine for your skin. Read on to find out how wine can affect your skin.

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Wine As A Form Of Therapy

Wine therapy is formally known as vinotherapy. It is a beauty treatment that highlights wine-based products. This procedure mainly targets the skin. Nowadays, vinotherapy is becoming a popular form of treatment. Currently, many spas and establishments now offer this service.

Vinotherapy uses grape seeds, pips, and juice to cleanse and nourish the skin. Grapes are known to have anti-aging benefits. By infusing wine products during treatments, your skin can benefit from the nutrients found in these items. Among these effects include 

  • improving skin elasticity, 
  • boosting capillary health, and 
  • quelling inflammation. 

Overall, wine therapy can assist in maintaining your skin’s health and youth. 

How Vinotherapy Works

Spas offer vinotherapy in different ways. Depending on their specializations, your wine therapy experience may differ from place to place. But they still follow the same principles.

The treatment will usually start with exfoliation. Using crushed grape seed extract, your therapist will perform a body exfoliation. Through this, your skin will be rid of the built-up dead cells. This will help soften the skin. Exfoliation will also prep your skin to absorb the next products in the treatment better.

Next, your therapist may lead you to a bath. For the next half hour or so, you can enjoy a bath filled with grape pulp, grape-seed extract, and other nourishing products. Since your skin is newly exfoliated, it can soak in active nutrients and vitamins much faster. You can even sit back and relax with a glass of the drink while you’re technically bathing in wine. 

After rinsing, your therapist may indulge you with a body massage. It is the ultimate form of relaxation. Another option you may encounter is a body wrap. This is a body mask made from grapes. The body wrap assists in boosting collagen responsible for the elasticity in your body.

Oxidation and sun damage are the top causes of skin aging. If you notice your skin becoming drier, try pampering yourself with vinotherapy. This procedure reinvigorates, revitalizes, and ultimately reveals supple and young-looking skin. It is completely satisfying to treat your skin from time to time.

To Wrap Up

Wine is a drink that our bodies can benefit from inside and out. There’s nothing better than feeling your best, physically and mentally. Even more, it’s always nice when you look your best. 

Wine and wellness are definitely linked — drinking wine can definitely help you look and feel good. With just the right amount of wine consumption, all the good benefits are for you to enjoy. You reap what you sow. In this case, the amount of wine you drink and use will reflect on your health.

If you’re still hesitant to try out wine therapy, you can start by exploring grape-based products at home. You can test out wine-infused beauty products, like oils, moisturizers, lotions, and more. Once you see how your skin benefits from these products, consider stepping up a notch and indulging in vinotherapy. 

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