Sensible Items To Promote Your Wine With


Wine has always been revered as a sophisticated kind of beverage. During intimate celebrations, conferences, and weddings, the hosts serve wine. When people attend a birthday party and want to impress the celebrate, they pick a bottle and wrap it nicely.

Despite the popularity that wines have, though, it is no secret that there are probably hundreds of manufacturers by now. Some mass produce their bottles in factories; others make theirs the artisanal way. More and more individuals are realizing the profitability of growing grapes and making an alcoholic beverage out of the fruit. Grapes do not even have to be the main ingredient, considering you can produce wine with rice, strawberries, etc.

Such ideas lead to the reality that some wine products shine while others barely get noticed. The brands that a lot of people talk about, after all, have a bigger following than the ones that have either just launched or never had a chance to take the spotlight. Still, it does not mean that the lesser-known brands have no goods that are worthy of consumers’ attention. It merely entails that their marketing strategy needs a little oomph to take sales to the next level.

Now, one textbook technique that never fails to work is using promotional products. These are objects with either your logo, brand name, or tagline on it. You must pack them with regular goods so that the shoppers will see them well. Thus, these people will think that you are giving them more than what they should pay for as you gain profits and brand loyalty.

Considering you want to add freebies in the mix now, here are a few sensible items to promote your wine with.


Eco Bag

The first object that you can give away is an eco bag. Though canvas fabric may look flimsy, it is marketing-friendly. You can print or stamp your logo on either side, stitch your brand name on the straps, or even add wine-related statements on it. Not to mention, the bag can hold a few bottles; that’s why consumers can lug them around safely.


Flute Glasses

Using flute glasses as promotional products is a sophisticated approach. It has been done before, yes, but the item is not as commonly used as mugs or pins. You won’t have to market the bundle too hard since consumers are easily attracted to things that they don’t see every day. And when you etch your name or logo on the glass, it can boost brand recall for as long as they drink in it.


Corkscrew Opener

New winemakers utilize a screwcap to seal their products nowadays, but not every manufacturer is ready for such an innovation. Many individuals opt for the good old cork to keep their precious wine from spilling. Because of that, it is best to promote your wine with a corkscrew opener that consumers will either want to use stat or put in display forever.

Final Thoughts

Are you having a tough time promoting your wine?

You should know that printing out flyers seldom works anymore. Being present online is impressive, but having a lot of subscribers does not always translate to sales. You need to add a little surprise from time to time to make consumers feel special in your eyes.

Good luck!

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