Consider These When Choosing Wine For Your Wedding


Let’s Get Started

A great way to choose wines for your most awaited event is to taste various wines that would match your menu. That’s what Jim Kirsch, head of a reputable catering company in New York City, states. Visiting wine bars and checking out wine store tastings would be the best move for starters. If the wedding is not for a few months, you could also order a new brand of wine every time you go out on a date or dinner with your partner or your family. And then you can list your top and least favorites.

Rule Of Thumb: One White And One Red

A wedding celebration should have at least one type of white wine and one type of red wine for the guests. Ironically, popular wines like the fruity Merlot and the oaky Chardonnay don’t always click with the theme of the wedding, as sometimes they can overpower the flavors of the appetizers during cocktail hour. Also, their full taste doesn’t match the lighter dishes all the time.

You might want to try the Sauvignon variety for the white and the Pinot Noir for the red wine choice. These have a lighter taste and are less sweet than the Cabernet, Merlot, and Chardonnay. They’ll make an excellent main alcoholic beverage to serve for the entire wedding celebration.

Your Budget Plan For The Wines

There are delicious and tasty wines you can purchase at a reasonable cost. The wine world has been improving and consistently at the top of the booming businesses list, so there are plenty of second and even first-rate wines that are equally affordable and exquisite in taste and smell. Some high-quality bottles can go as low as $7 up to $30 per bottle. Remember that you should allot about 15% of your overall budget to wine, including champagne. If you decide to let the caterer take of the wines, then it will have to be included with the bar cost. However, expect these wines to cost twice compared to if you buy them yourself. That is the typical procedure for restaurants and caterers, to cover for extra service and food.

The Wine And The Menu Selection

To ensure a match between your wine selection and your food, be practical enough to buy your wines in conjunction with selecting your menu for the reception. A match means that your wines must not overpower the taste of your food, but instead complement it. It should bring out the best of your chosen recipes. It’s been an accepted principle that chicken and fish always go hand in hand with white wine, while pork and beef go with red, although lately they are being combined and anything goes. You may ask your caterer and let him assist you in choosing the menu.


Most of the time, he can provide some very helpful matching advice. He may even go out of his way and track the best wines that will complement his recipes. Don’t forget to get a little tasting session for every wine or food that he offers.

The Number of Bottles To Buy

One-half to three-quarters per individual – that is a rule of thumb in determining how many bottles of wine to purchase. This is assuming that a person drinks two glasses of wine with his or her dinner. If you decide to also serve wine with cocktails, then double the number of wines. If your wedding is small, like 50 to 70 guests, caterers suggest three cases. If you wed in the summer when it’s hotter than usual, people will want to drink white wine, so maybe you can keep an extra case or two in the storeroom.

Sentimental Reasons

You can also personalize your wine choice. For example, you want to share with your guests the delicious wine you and your partner shared on your first date, or the wine your parents served on their wedding day. If you’re located in a country where vineyards are abundant, choose local. Or order wines outside the country, a few of each brand that has been a favorite of your family for generations. And then write a short note to explain the relevance of the wines.

Awesome Wine Deals


If you choose to buy the wines by yourself instead of using the caterer’s wine, you can save on a few dollars by trying out these tips.

  • Buy by the bulk. Don’t buy individually but by case. Almost always, the suppliers offer up to 10% discount for every case, and perhaps higher than that if you get more cases all at one time.
  • Go for the big bottles. Large-sized bottles of wine from California and France can be purchased at a fair price. You can cut the cost if you buy bigger rather than smaller sized wines. To add to that, the corkage fee is by piece, so you’ll cut on that too.
  • Visit stores on sale. Joining mailing lists or signing up for newsletters is ways to know when your favorite wine store is on sale. Go early, so you have the most opportunity to buy plenty of wines at a discount.

Now that you know the essential things to consider before buying wine for your wedding, you can relax and not worry whether your guests will like or if it is going to be a disaster. Always think that it’s your wedding, and you have already done your best to prepare for it. The next best thing to do is enjoy and seize the day!






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