Dates And Wines (Win Her Over)

Impress and win her heart with a perfect date by pouring on her glass the perfect wine.


Your Idea Of A Perfect Date

A perfect date doesn’t always have to be in a fancy restaurant.  It can be anywhere, in the park, zoo, at the top or foot of the mountain, under the bridge, anywhere that you both feel relaxed.  Because going on a first date could get you both excited and nervous at the same time.

Sipping wine while talking will take the tension out, make you feel more relaxed, and allow you to get out of your comfort zone.  Let the good conversation starts to flow with a glass of wine and find out more about each other.

Classic Dinner Date

A dinner date is often considered by some guys more appropriate for a first date.  Guys find it more romantic and timeless.  Getting to know phase is critical and doing it over a nice meal and a perfect wine, you certainly won’t go wrong.


A classic date matched with a vintage glass of drink will surely impress her.  French Pinot Noir from pinot noir grapes is the most popular grape wine.  A sip of pinot noir oozes summer taste of ripe cherries, redcurrant, and wild strawberries.  This superb silky wine is hard to beat.

Go On Adventure

It’s not the usual idea of dating, but some have dared to take the courage to be bold and show who they are in the inside.  It may be new to both of you, but it’s exciting and fun.  It doesn’t have to be death-defying kind of adventure, but if you choose to, well as long as you both will enjoy it, I will not stop you.

But you can do a simple adventure like going on a bike ride, visiting the zoo, walking or enjoying rides on a theme park, strolling by the seaside, or going on a picnic on the mountainside.  After the fun activity, you can sit by the park or the grassy lawn, and bring out the food you wholeheartedly prepared along with the wine that makes the date special.


A type of wine that is bolder in taste would be great in such adventure.  The Australian Shiraz comes with high alcohol content, yet delicious and leaves a satisfying tang.

Artistic Dating

Going on a date with a lady who loves art, or wanted to impress her by showing your artistic side, a trip to a gallery or museum, or even wine tasting event would be great.  Discovering her taste when it comes to arts and wines can make you closer, and may take this dating to the next level.

Some art museums have date nights where they offer wines and cheese that matches the occasion.  I’ve visited some in New York, like the Frederic Remington Art Museum.

Great arts and wines are a perfect combination.

You can search online and find an extraordinary gallery that would suit your palate and interest.   Match your gallery and museum tour with great cultural date wine produced by only the talented winemakers like the Gewurztraminer.  It matches a perfect cold night breeze.

You can choose from a wide range of wines to let her know your intention.   Those I mentioned above are just some you may want to find out more about.   But it depends on where you are, the ambiance you wanted to create, the weather, and your personality, there surely is a wine that would suit you and make your date the perfect date ever.


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