Top 5 Topics You Can Talk Over A Glass Of Wine

Being in a relationship is not as easy as it seems since you need to take into consideration several factors to make it work. You cannot just relax and let fate do its magic. The truth is you need to build an intimate relationship with each other. You need to continuously make an effort to let your partner know how much you love and respect him.


As such, it is significant on your part to think of some smart ideas on how you can add some spice to your relationship. One of the top ideas that you may want to consider is to cook something special for your loved one. All you have to do is to prepare your partner’s favorite meal. After that, you must look for the perfect wine that will complement the said dish. To make the night even more exciting, do not forget to be intimate with your partner through your serious conversations.

Sometimes, it is easy to run out of topics to talk about. Do not fret because we are going to provide you with conversation-starters that will build more intimacy between you and your spouse. Here are the topics to consider:

Future Plans

When was the last time you talked or discussed your plans with your partner? Does he know about your plan for the next year? Do you share the same passion for achieving a common objective? Do not be afraid to open up about the future with your loved one. This will send him a signal that you are not planning to end the relationship anytime soon. Talking about what both of you want to accomplish in a given future time is a sign that indicates that your union is starting to be strong.



Whether you have children or are planning to have one, it is best to talk about this with your partner regularly. In so doing, both of you can set expectations on how to raise your child in the future. Take note that this topic can be exciting yet sensitive at the same time. Keep in mind that you may have different thoughts and beliefs when it comes to rearing your children. What matters most is that you respect the differences to avoid any problem.

Money Matters

Stop thinking that finance talks can ruin a lovely night with your partner. Everything is going to turn out fine as long as both of you are mature enough to discuss money issues, No matter how much you avoid it, there will always come a time when you have to talk about how to handle the finances in your marriage. Since you are already having a lovely night with your partner, it is best to discuss whatever will come up in your mind even if one of them would deal about money matters. Take note that this topic is one of the most common sources of arguments in a union, which is why you must get used to discussing this with your loved one to avoid any conflict.


Personal Success

Another great topic that you can talk about with the other person is your individual success. What are your recent accomplishments in the office? What is the latest exciting thing about your husband’s business or work? Share the thoughts that both of you are passionate above. Research study shows that couples who know how to share success stories are more likely to stay strong than ever. However, you must be careful in sharing your success with the other person. Do it in such a manner that will not offend him. Take note that success between you and your partner is not a competition.

All the topics mentioned above are perfect for conversations with glasses of wine.

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